I work with a variety of materials such as threads, wool, ropes, fibers and textile waste, fabrics and clothes that I transform into works that connect me with elements of nature and with my country of origin, Brazil. Weaving, sewing, crochet, embroidery, handmade dyeing, printing, are some of the ways I explorein the construction of multiple pieces belonging to the different projects and series that I develop simultaneously.

In textile constructions, I explore organic forms, volumes, recesses, hollow, flatand and empty spaces in order to address one of the central points in my research, which is the notion of refuge. These refuges are explored both as formal elements observed in nature where I currently live in Michigan such as: animal shelter, insect or bird nests; or yet, concerning bodies as protective structures. Also, the refuges are treated from symbolic and abstract aspects extracted from the spaces of my childhood memories and popular culture that connects me to the place where I come from. I am also interested in the relationship between handicrafts and crafts, considered “traditional for women”, as a way to reflect on displacement, belonging, ancestry and popular modes of production in contemporary times.

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