I approach this proposal through the series “Cartographic Fictions”, a project that explores ways of weaving in an expanded way that go beyond the sedentary and intimate spaces belonging to the house's immovable universe and that are experienced from a ritual and connection that involves the body and the senses, affecting and affected by nature. Creating a fictitious territory determined by the geographical locations of people who meet virtually, but who are physically distant is a way of understanding and entering a reality experienced in an intense way from the pandemic.

A fiction created from encounters in a space that is not physical, but that is capable of creating a territory that materializes through weaving. A shape is defined using the world map, then that shape is rescaled and transposed to the ground using metal hooks, becoming more evident from walking around it, while the red wool thread fills the shape, creating this territory fictitious. Creating this imagined territory worked as an exercise to build a web of affections and dialogues, and mainly as food to think about the multiple possibilities that textiles can adopt, whether mediated by technology, or even, using it as a link that links time and space, capable of creating unthinkable and even impossible territories.

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