How to create territories 

“How to create territories” consists of a video and a set of six (6) photographs that are part of the series “Cartographic Fictions” and which belong to the "Extended weaving project" . The repeated and continuous gesture suggests the possibility of demarcating a fabled and imaginary territory, a kind of instruction/affirmation that the title of the work itself suggests. Connection lines, trace lines, boundary lines, traced paths, but which are far from delimiting and/or containing, in between lines and between points, the void leaks, an open pore for transit between. The weft lines become tangled, the visibility of the cartographic mesh, which moves at all times. Discontinued, interrupted line that through the gesture creates a territory that does not close in on itself. A provisional territory, woven by multiple lines, that overflows, is permeable, with holes and spaces, producing areas of escape. Traces and paths related to the gesture. An instruction and at the same time an exercise in creating space for the imagined. The photographs were taken from the still frame of the video by capturing the phone's screen. This resource was used in order to obtain images with low resolution quality precisely because it produces an inaccurate and fragile result for the scenes.

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