Offerings Project

“Offerings for an After” is a series of textile constructions belonging to Offerings project, that I have been developing since 2020 until the present moment. The pieces in this series are made from discarded materials that are reused, such as pantyhose, clothes and fabrics with varied textures, satin ribbons and antique necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings that I dismantle and use in their parts made of acrylic, plastic, stones semi-precious, metal chains, etc. embroidering and sewing on the pieces. The dimensions of each piece are approximate, as they may vary depending on the position in which the pieces are displayed. This research stems from my interest in exploring a participatory character that can be manipulated or even dressed as an adornment, proposing, in this case, an experience that involves several senses, where the body establishes an interaction relationship with the works.

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