Air Provisions series

In the investigative trajectory that underpins this research, the creative process emerges as a central element, with water assuming a leading role at the intersection of several elements. This vital liquid is perceived not only as a component of nature, but as a connecting link and trigger for deep reflections.
When we consider water as a place to breathe, the question arises about the meaning of breathing in a post-pandemic world. We go back to our origins, when we were inhabitants of a body-house, immersed in an environment where air was confused with water. In our bodies, fluids transform, manifesting themselves in different elements that we carry with us.
Water, as the matrix of life, springs from the earth, permeates the air in clouds and drops, meanders through the bowels of the earth, rests in lakes and stops flames. She transforms and breathes, playing multiple and essential roles.
It is in this meeting between water and air that a path is outlined to activate senses, sensations and perceptions, establishing connections with others. An intermediate state, drawn from the ethereal, the undefined, transcending the intimate world in contact with the vast and infinite exterior.

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