Nômad[a]s Series

Moving from one place to another, seeking new beginnings and better living conditions is an aspect that can be considered intrinsic to the human condition. Being a nomad, from the most archaic understanding of this word, to the most modern, can happen for different reasons, either by necessity or by choice. What is certain is that there is a desire that is born in the depths, well in the strange ones, there where everything about the paths is meticulously elaborated. Nomads abandon their homes, taking with them the essentials and the rest becomes abandonment, the rest of a memory that time will take care of erasing.

It was by looking at these abandonments that the research of the series “Nômad[a]s” began to be developed. Nômad[a]s appears with this spelling as a way to propose another look at this issue in order to create a narrative referring to nomadism and the feminine in these processes full of layers, made of gaps, absences and voids. Therefore, the “need to place in the feminine everything that is enveloping and smooth beyond the simply masculine terms that designate our states of soul” , to problematize displacements of all kinds. New times and forms are being plotted, composing a strange universe, in a symbiosis between the known and the never seen. Is it the imagined or the lived? Is it a house that shelters and protects these memories, or an animated being in the process of transforming itself? They move between dream dimensions in which the nature of these objects can be intuited, questioned, but also putting in check the dialogue established between the different techniques used for their construction and the complex tangle generated by memory and the remoteness of time, which has intertwined with the imaginary creating new possibilities.

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